How Will Fiat Chrysler Handle Its Latest Recall?

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It could be said that 2017 has been a rough year for Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler (FCA). Though the auto brand has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, it has also been plagued by gigantic recalls, one after another. Here are just a few that you may have heard of:

The Fiat Chrysler Recall Cavalcade 2017:

  • 33 Million Vehicles (July)– There were two main issues in this recall. The first was a problem that was causing airbags to randomly deploy without vehicles being in a crash. Almost 800,000 vehicles were recalled for this issue, and when another defect appeared, FCA added another 565,000 vehicles to the recall list. The second defect involved alternators that could catch fire under the right circumstances.
  • 494,000 Trucks (September)– Another recall issued by FCA this year involved its very popular Ram pickup line. A water pump connected to the engine could catch fire if a bearing in the pump was put under the right stresses.
  • 470,000 Vehicles (October)– In this recall, another safety device went haywire in some of FCA’s cars and SUVs. An active head restraint that, when activated, deploys and restrains a passenger’s head, preventing whiplash, was failing to properly deploy. An electrical component was targeted as the source of this problem.
  • 710,000 SUVs (October)– This recall is due to a previous recall in which the fix may not have been implemented correctly. The brake-booster shields in 2011-2014 model year Durangos and Jeep Grand Cherokees may not have been installed properly during a 2014 recall. This component, if improperly installed, can allow moisture into the vehicles brakes, which could cause corrosion, freezing and degraded brake performance.

Though FCA has claimed during each of these recalls that no one was injured, there are many reasons to question such claims. Sometimes people don’t report that their car accident was caused by an automotive defect, and some don’t even realize that a defect caused their crash.

This is why it’s important to contact an attorney after an auto accident that you suspect may have been caused by a manufacturing defect. New Jersey product liability attorneys have the resources and experience needed to help prove that a manufacturing defect caused an accident, so they can help you claim the compensation you deserve.