What Can Happen When Rollercoasters Malfunction?

When you go to an amusement park, you expect thrills, excitement and fun—but you also expect to be safe as well. Not many amusement park goers talk about that last expectation, but it is an aspect of your trip that is protected by New Jersey law. So, what happens when such expectations are not met?

When Rollercoasters Malfunction, What Do Victims Do?

A man from Philadelphia travelled to New Jersey and visited a theme park. On one of the Batman themed rides, something went wrong, and the man’s leg struck a pole as the ride bobbed and weaved along its metal track. The impact allegedly caused several fractures in the man’s right foot and deranged the inner workings of his right knee. He is seeking compensation for the injury.

The man has filed a lawsuit against the theme park, the park’s Texas-based parent company and the Utah-based firm that designed the ride. He is not only claiming that the ride is defective under our state’s Products Liability Act, he also claims that the ride violates the Carnival-Amusement Ride Safety Act as well. He is seeking unspecified damages for these violations as well as other claims.

This case highlights what options are out there for someone who was injured by a theme park ride. Regulations are in place to protect these guests. Although violating those laws may result in fines, it takes legal experience to make sure victims are compensated for the damages they have suffered. If you ever find yourself injured while visiting a theme park, please contact an attorney.

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