NJSBA: Lawyers Helping Lawyers with Bar President John E. Keefe Jr.

Attorney John E. Keefe, Jr.

On May 17th, the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) held its ceremony to install new leadership in the state’s largest professional organization for attorneys. The ceremony was held at the organization’s annual meeting and convention in Atlantic City, where all attendees of the convention were allowed to attend the ceremony. Those gathered witnessed John E. Keefe Jr. accept the post of bar president. As the organization’s new leader, he has several initiatives for the NJSBA this upcoming year.

The NJSBA: Working with Lawyers for Lawyers

It has been a tough year for John Keefe Jr. A diagnosis of throat cancer forced him to leave his father in charge of Keefe Law Firm as he underwent several months of medical treatment. However, with the help of his family and friends, John was able to persist through the intense treatments and defeat the cancer. As several colleagues from the New Jersey legal world came to his aid in his time of need, John was further inspired to assume leadership of the NJSBA.

John E. Keefe Jr. has announced that his initiative for his year leading the NJSBA will be “lawyers helping lawyers”. The support of fellow attorneys helped John to endure through his illness, yet not every attorney in our state has a similar network of friends to fall back on. Therefore, John will concentrate on establishing a support system for attorneys to help them in times of personal crisis. This new initiative will be focused on solo practitioners, small law firms and new attorneys who need these resources the most.

In addition to this goal of helping attorneys help each other, John E. Keefe Jr. will also continue pursuing the NJSBA’s goals of diversity and advocating for professional malpractice fairness.

This New Jersey legal update has been brought to you by the civil trial attorneys at Keefe Law Firm—Congratulations John!!!