Keefe Law Firm files Class Action Suit against Chrysler Group, LLC

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Red Bank, NJ: The trial lawyers of Keefe Law Firm have, with Poulos LoPiccolo PC and the Law Offices of Peter Lucas LLC, filed a class action complaint against Chrysler Group, LLC (Case 3:12-cv-00760-PGS-DEA). Brought on behalf of plaintiffs Jay Miller and Brooke Willman, the complaint fundamentally alleges that the Chrysler 300 series, and the Jeep Patriot, Liberty, Compass, Commander, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models for the years 2010 to the present, have defective, leaking sunroofs. These leaks result, plaintiffs believe, from design errors, faulty materials, substandard installation practices, and manufacturing defects. The vehicles’ owners and lessees suffer substantial financial losses from repair costs; lost use and enjoyment of their vehicles; lost time in arranging and obtaining repairs; and reduced resale and trade-in values. Among other wrongs, plaintiffs allege, Chrysler violated the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act. Seeking an award of damages, costs and attorneys’ fees, the plaintiffs’ Complaint also asks the Court to order Chrysler to notify class members of the defects and fix the vehicles, at Chrysler’s expense.

Chrysler and its agents have refused to address and correct the faulty drainage tubes. Chrysler has claimed the leaks result from factors beyond Chrysler’s control. Chrysler has refused to honor warranty claims for these sunroofs. But, between 1999 and 2010 Chrysler issued no fewer than 7 Technical Service Bulletins about its vehicles’ faulty drainage tubes and leaking sunroofs.

Advertised as well-designed and soundly constructed – and, for the Jeeps, as rugged off-road vehicles capable of handling just about any harsh conditions – these Chrysler vehicles’ sunroofs leak even in routine conditions. Exposure to rain, snow and sleet causes leaking. So does a routine car wash. Merely parking under a dripping tree can mean the driver comes back to a soaked interior. Unsightly water stains, unhealthy mold, and rank smells result. So do damages to electric circuitry and structural components.

“Chrysler, an iconic American brand, should live up to its name and heritage, accept its responsibility, fix these problems and compensate those who got less than that for which they paid,” said Steve Grygiel and John Keefe of Keefe Law Firm. John Poulos and Joe LoPiccolo said “Chrysler’s advertisements of brawny, tough well-made vehicles bear little relationship to the soggy experience of many Chrysler customers.” Peter Lucas, agreeing, noted: “Chrysler claims its products, especially the Jeeps, can handle all sorts of terrible conditions, churning through muddy swamps, climbing mountains, and crossing rivers. Turns out they cannot even handle a car wash.”

If you bought or leased one of the Jeep or Chrysler vehicles described above and have sustained water damage to your vehicle from a leaking sunroof, please contact Keefe Law Firm at 1-877-ATTY-24-7, or email to discuss your claim.